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Taking you where few will ever go

Our Curated Private Villas

Enter a universe bursting with life and energy. At home with the most iconic destinations, where beautiful private villas, outstanding service and fascinating natural surroundings await, only at ThinkVilla. Exquisitely Yours, bask in an abundance & balance of space, designed to accommodate every generation, mood & occasion. No matter the vista, each ThinkVilla Iconic Escape blends comfort & awe in equal measure.

Our Seal of Approval

With our ThinkVilla Difference 300' Criteria Rating, Mindful Private Villa Retreats, have been thoughtfully vetted by our ThinkVilla Travel Connoisseurs, for their impeccable design, innovation, individual quality & inspiring offerings. And ensure that all our Villas have that little extra something, that turns our guests journey into an experience of a lifetime - every time.

Our People

Independent Minds who transform any stay from "so-so" to superb. Our Story-Teller who spends days writing the perfect Villa description so our guests can dream it … Our chef who will privately cook for you at your villa a recipe passed down in their family for generations … The HomeOwner who welcomes guests with music & freshly baked cake … Our very own villa experts who can tell you exactly where are the best hidden experiences in each destination. Every experience is tailor-made by them-for you.

Our Heritage & Ethos

Conscious travel has always been at the heart of the ThinkVilla brand and our vision is to create a future where people explore Greece with intention and protect its integrity. By their very nature, our Villa Owners are deeply rooted in their locality and many have long been key supporters of their local community and environment. We have launched new standards for conscious travel which will formalise our commitment as a business to sustainability.

Our Values

  • Champion Independence : We embrace the distinctive, celebrate the unconventional and champion the one-of-a-kind. Seeking out Private Villas and experiences that have individual character & creativity.
  • Make It Personal : We enable bespoke experiences that place our travellers at the heart of an environment. Every interaction is personal and authentic, forging intimate connections with a place and its people.
  • Be Valuable : We are committed to creating a valuable community with a powerful collective influence. We promote cultural and environmental sensitivity, encouraging travellers to explore Greece with intention. Our brand reflect who we are at our core. It embodies our mission, vision and values. With Private Villas all over Greece, each bespoke escape offers a unique experience, bonded by the same vision.

Meet the Team

The driving forces and decision makers who together make ThinkVilla what it is today.
Team Member Nikki Bekking

Property Specialist & Customer Care Advisor

Team Member Despina Mayiafa

Property Curator & Owner Consultant

Team Member Marianna Vasiliadi

Property Curator & Owner Consultant

Team Member Giorgos Mainolas

Property IT Specialist & Customer Care Advisor

Team Member Nikos Agaliotis

Property Specialist & Customer Care Advisor

Team Member Alexandros Dordokidis

Property Specialist & Customer Care Advisor

Team Member Valia Kokkinou

Founder & CEO

Team Member Maria Gkonta

Managing Director